Pure Passion Om

Pure Passion Om
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The Pure Passion Om pendant is a magnificent design by Shankari the Alchemist, handmade in Sterling Silver featuring a powerful combination of stones including a Strawberry Quartz disc decorated with a handmade sterling silver Om symbol, set with Pearls, Cherry Quartz and Garnet. Hindus believe that as creation began, the divine, all-encompassing consciousness took the form of the first and original vibration manifesting as sound "OM". The vibration of "OM" symbolizes the manifestation of God in form ("sāguna brahman"). "OM" is the reflection of the absolute reality, it is said to be "Adi Anadi", without beginning or end and embracing all that exists. The mantra "OM" is the name of God, the vibration of the Supreme. When taken letter by letter, A-U-M represents the divine energy (Shakti) united in its three elementary aspects: Bhrahma Shakti (creation), Vishnu Shakti (preservation) and Shiva Shakti (liberation, and/or destruction). Om is a mantra and in affirmations and blessings, is believed to be the supreme and most sacred syllable and the spoken essence of the universe. It is said that repetition of "Om" enables us to maintain mental and emotional calmness, overcome obstacles and find understanding. Strawberry Quartz is for Passion. It will help you Focus your intent and develop your Powers of Manifestation. The Pearls are for your Integrity and Purity. They will help you have the courage to speak your Truth from your Heart. The Cherry Quartz carries the frequency of youth. It will remind you to let go and have fun. Cherry Quartz brings us into alignment with renewed passion. The Garnet gemstone is for your Sweetness, Passion and Wealth. Focus on the Sweet things in life and experience a new sense of appreciation. Develop your Passion into activities that generate Wealth. This seven stone design will support your Spiritual Balance. Activate connection to the Divine wearing this powerful Shankari pendant.

Gem Stone Energy Description :
Cherry Quartz: Renewed Passion,
Pearl: Integrity, Purity,
Strawberry Quartz: Focus, Passion, Power,
Garnet: Sweet Passion & Wealth,
Omkara: Seed Sound of the universe,
Sterling Silver Gemstone Pendant.

Limited Edition and Completely Hand-made. It measures approximately 2.7" tall by 1.1"
wide (7 by 2.9 cm). Design by Shankari.