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A Veritate Potentia

A Veritate Potentia
A Veritate Potentia A Veritate Potentia
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A Veritate Potentia: Power from the truth!

The biggest illusion of all is that we are powerless. Be like the dragonfly and see through the illusion. The truth is that each of us is a powerful, immortal being capable of changing our world; A Veritate Potentia is that truth given original, handmade, sterling silver form by Shankari the Alchemist. The Blue Topaz and Amethyst gemstones set in this sterling silver dragonfly imbue the pendant with balance and spiritual strength.

With balance and spiritual strength come the powers of manifestation and creativity. By wearing this sterling silver, gemstone pendant you acknowledge not only the power you possess, but that this power makes you responsible for your world. Shankari the Alchemist's hand-made original A Veritate Potentia is a spell of the highest order: a fractal, a tiny shape of energy and beauty that will expand outward to create a macrocosm of potential.

Gem Stone Energy Descriptions:
Amethyst: Creativity & Spiritual Strength,
Blue Topaz: Manifestation & Balance,
Dragonfly: Seeing Through Illusion,
Sterling Silver Gemstone Pendant.

Limited Edition and Completely Hand-made.
It measures approximately 2.1" tall by 1.6" wide (5.5 by 4.1 cm). Design by Shankari.