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Beacon of Joy

Beacon of Joy
Product Code: 23330-6-4-12
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                 This sterling silver, original design, natural gemstone pendant ‘Beacon of Joy’ produced in Sacred Space by Shankari the Alchemist is dedicated to reactivating…… faith in the future!

                 A hand-made, original design in sterling silver this pendant has been designed to release your fear and depression… making way for the future…. 

                The spirit of youthful optimism can be worn away by our life experiences, we become less and less resilient with age……. that’s why God/Goddess gave us Amethyst! As an antidote to our fear of failure!   

               This handmade, sterling silver, gemstone pendant is named “The Beacon of Joy” because it has a very positive effect on the wearer and the observer….

Reactivating trust in yourself and your personal mission….   

Beacon of Joy is an original design in sterling silver and gemstones by Shankari the Alchemist.

This combination of gemstones creates a vibration that radiates healing energy in all direction…. Past present and future…. 

       The pure White Natural Pearls carry the energy of integrity and purity, bringing a sense of calm beauty to your personal creative journey.   

       The Pink Topaz gemstones are pure joy and bring a vibration that restores humor and fantasy, without these qualities life is pretty dry!

        Remember the passion and inspiration you felt in your youth when anything was possible? This feeling will begin to return to you as you work with the energy of the Amethyst gemstone…. Creativity and Spiritual Strength…. soon the world will open to you and all your dreams!

Shankari is a great Alchemist and her pieces are palpable…. They insist upon change for the better….

            The Purple Rose colored Rhodolite Garnet gemstone activates Sweet Passion and Joy as it prompts a new level of evolution within the human spirit, inspiring the best to shine from within.

            The Sterling Silver wings of freedom bring a new level of power and beauty to your journey, they celebrate the universal freedom achieved through activating creative force…. We all need to become inspired! Filled with the promise of tomorrow…. This beautiful hand made sterling silver original design pendant by Shankari the Alchemist is such a tool of pure white magic!  

Gem Stone Energy Descriptions: 
Amethyst: Creativity & Spiritual Strength,
Pink Topaz: Humor & Fantasy,
Pearl: Integrity, Purity,
Rhodolite Garnet: Sweet Passion,
Wings: Freedom,
Sterling Silver Gemstone Pendant.

Limited Edition and Completely Hand-made.
It measures approximately 2.4" tall by 1.8" wide (6.1 by 4.5 cm). Design by Shankari.