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"Divine Mother of Peace and Light"

"Divine Mother of Peace and Light"
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The warm glow of the Divine Mother embraces you with pink and golden light, these are the colors of Quan Yin. This pendant has the potential to open your heart to love and support from The Divine Mother  ... to express the free, fun, 'non anxious', abundant mentality of the child... reminding you that the Divine Mother is protecting and supporting you always... there is nothing to fear...

"Quan Yin" is the name of the Chinese Moon Goddess, the aspect of The Divine Mother represented here. She is said to have made a vow as She left her body to remain here in the earth plane until everyone has attained enlightenment and freedom from suffering. This is why She is available to call upon for help when we need it... She is still here, in service to her children of the Earth. When my children were small and life was very tough, I would often think of Her and how brave She must be. I only had five children and they were exhausting....  She was willing to take on the responsibility for everyone's children and the children of the children! She was my inspiration to 'never give up' when it seemed impossible to go on, this is why I love to share her image through my designs in Sterling Silver and Gemstones. The Divine Mother has many names, but only one purpose... to love all her children with compassion and non judgment. She is the 'patron saint' of Motherhood and particularly helpful to young mothers in distress. This silver pendant featuring The Divine Mother is a large piece of jewelry dedicated to bringing the energy of compassion into  everyday life. A powerful tool of light, for the modern mystic ready to experience and share unconditional love with the larger 'family of the Earth'.

Gem Stone Energy Descriptions:
Pink Topaz: Humor, Fun and Fantasy,
Resin Quan Yin: Divine Mother Energy,
Golden Topaz: Lightness, Peace, Abundance,
Wings: Freedom,
Sterling Silver Gemstone Pendant.

Limited Edition and Completely Hand-made. Design by Shankari.