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"Angel of Protection" Sterling Silver and gemstone Ring.

"Angel of Protection" Sterling Silver and gemstone Ring.
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"Angel of Protection" is a Sterling Silver and gemstone Ring, featuring 2 beautiful sky blue Turquoise Gemstones set in a Sacred Geometric alignment with two equally beautiful yet totally opposite Amethyst Gmstones.

Turquoise gemstone carries the energy of Protection & Release of Negativity while Amethyst Gemstone activates the energy of Creativity and Spiritual Strength.

This beautiful sterling silver and gemstone ring celebrates the integration of opposites, supported by the beauty from within each shape and color....although appearing opposites these two gemstones create a wonderful new frequency by their association....

"The Angel of Protection" is designed to protect you from such deadly experiences as boredom and ignorance... awakening within you a new frequency of Being... activated by the safety of being in a daily alliance with 'The Angel of Protection' .... a handmade, sterling silver ring designed in Sacred Space by Shankari the Alchemist in service to your Protection on the highest path.


Gem Stone Energy Descriptions:
Turquoise: Protection & Release of Negativity,
Amethyst: Creativity and Spiritual Strength,
Sterling Silver Gemstone Ring.

Limited Edition and Completely Hand-made Design by Shankari.