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Divine Mother of Peace and Light

Divine Mother of Peace and Light
Product Code: 2QY42-6E-4-7
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The warm glow of the Divine Mother embraces you with golden light. This pendant has the potential to open your heart to love and light… to express the free, fun, peaceful mentality of the child within…reminding you that the Divine Mother is protecting and supporting you always.

Gem Stone Energy Descriptions:
Pink Topaz: Humor & Fantasy,
Resin Quan Yin: Quan Yin bring the love of the Divine Mother,
Golden Topaz: Lightness, Peace,
Wings: Freedom,
Sterling Silver Gemstone Pendant.

Limited Edition and Completely Hand-made.  It measures approximately 3.7" tall by 1.5" wide (9.5 by 4.0 cm). Design by Shankari.