Power and Femininity

Power and Femininity
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The Power and Femininity necklace is an original design by Shankari the Alchemist, handmade in Bali. Inspired and Created in Sacred Space. The Pearl is for your Integrity and Purity. It will help you have the courage to speak your Truth from your Heart. The handmade Sterling Silver Chain will strengthen your Femininity and help you create Balance. The Amethyst gemstones  will help you connect your Mind with your Higher Self. This will help you make decisions more quickly and have confidence in your choices. The Gaia gemstones work as a Clear Channel for Earth Magic connecting you with Mother Nature. The Green Tourmaline gemstones will support your Self Confidence. The handmade Sterling Silver Wings represent your Freedom. Celebrate your Power and Femininity wearing this beautiful Shankari necklace.

Gem Stone Energy Descriptions:
Amethyst: Creativity & Spiritual Strength,
Gaia: Clear channel for earth magic,
Pearl: Integrity, Purity,
Green Tourmaline: Purifies Blood & Heals the Heart,
Wings: Freedom,
Sterling Silver Gemstone Necklace.

Limited Edition and Completely Hand-made. It measures approximately 25.5" tall by 1.8" wide
(72.5 by 4.5 cm). Design by Shankari.