Spirit Dragon

Spirit Dragon
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The Spirit Dragon belt buckle is an original design by Shankari the Alchemist. This unique, one of a kind Handmade Sterling Silver belt buckle was created and inspired in Sacred Space to be worn with clear intention. The design features Dragonflies and is set with Amethyst gemstones. The Dragonflies are going to help you Seeing through illusions. They are like a Sword of Truth slicing through the illusions of your beliefs in limitation. The Amethysts will support your Creativity and Spiritual Strength. They will connect your Mind with your Higher Self, helping you make decisions more quickly with confidence in your choices. Develop new and creative ideas as you reveal the Artist inside you. Celebrate your passion and devotion to the Divine wearing this powerful Shankari belt buckle.


Gem Stone Energy Descriptions:
Amethyst: Creativity & Spiritual Strength,
Dragonfly: Seeing Through Illusion,
Sterling Silver Gemstone Masterpiece Collection.

Limited Edition and Completely Hand-made.  It measures approximately 3.1" tall by 2.6" wide (7.9 by 6.5 cm). Design by Shankari.