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Passion & Healing

Passion & Healing
Product Code: 15502-6-3-8
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Five Round and One Square Garnet Cabochon, One Round Cut Garnet, One Oval and One Round Red Spinel, One Aquare Cut Rhodolite Garnet and One Pear Cut Strawberry Quartz.

Garnet holds the energy of health and passion. In these stunning earrings it is combined with Red Spinel which helps you to release fear of the future and Rhodolite Garnet which brings you sweet passion. The Strawberry Quartz holds the intent to bring you focus and passion while inspiring you to come into your own power.

Gem Stone Energy Descriptions:
Garnet: Sweet Passion & Wealth,
Strawberry Quartz: Focus Passion Power,
Rhodolite Garnet: Sweet Passion,
Red Spinel: Releasing fear of the future,
Sterling Silver Gemstone Earring.

Limited Edition and Completely Hand-made. Each marring measure approximately 2" long by 0.7" wide (5.2 by 1.8 cm). Design by Shankari