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Passion & Purity

Passion & Purity
Product Code: 15000-8-4-14
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The Passion & Purity earrings are designed by Shankari the Alchemist, inspired and created in Sacred Space. This design features Pearls, Strawberry Quartz, Red Spinel and Rhodochrosite gemstones decorated with handmade Sterling Silver Swirls. The Pearls are for your Integrity and Purity. They will help you have the courage to speak your Truth from your Heart. Strawberry Quartz is for Passion. It will help you Focus your intent and develop your Powers of Manifestation. Strawberry Quartz assists us with growing our personal power. The Red Spinel is for Releasing Fear and Passion. Let go of your fear of failure and have faith in your destiny. Allow your Passion and Trust to carry you through times of uncertainty. The Rhodochrosite is for Sacred Mystery and Recreation. As you reconnect to your divine self, you will release stress and the illusion of pressure.

Rhodochrosite is a great stone for calling a new love into one’s life, a romantic partner that is a soulmate. The handmade Sterling Silver Swirls that curl in each direction, represent the Balance between Masculine and Feminine energy. These four stone design earrings will help you maintain your Stability. Center your Focus with these classic Shankari earrings.

Gem Stone Energy Descriptions:
Pearl: Integrity and Purity,
Rhodochrosite: Release Pressure & Stress,
Red Spinel: Passion, Vitality, Release,
Strawberry Quartz: Focus, Passion, Power,
Sterling Silver Gemstone Earring.

Limited Edition and Completely Hand-madeDesign Shankari.