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Integration Allies

Integration Allies
Product Code: SPJ45-6-7-6
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Integration Allies" is a Sterling Silver and Black Labradorite handmade Pair of Gemstone Earrings.

An original design featuring four, rare, cabochon Black Labradorite gem stones. These stones have the electric blue/green flash of a butterfly wing, that appears suddenly in the sun light.

The four gem stones on two earrings add up to eight, the number of Mastery of the Material plane.
The symbolic message of these original design, handmade sterling silver gemstone earrings, is one of mastery and freedom within the material plane.

The four wings represent upliftment from all directions while the Black Labradorite is aligning the energy for successful integration of the body, mind and spirit, leading to grounded, compassionate abundance on all levels!

Gem Stone Energy Descriptions:
Black Labradorite : Integration of Body, Mind & Spirit,
Wings : Freedom,
Sterling Silver Gemstone Earring.

Limited Edition and Completely Hand-made. It measures approximately 1.4" tall by 0.9" wide
(3.7 by 2.3 cm). Design by Shankari.