Nobility & Transformation

Nobility & Transformation
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The Nobility and Transformation Bangle is a powerful design by Shankari the Alchemist, handmade in Sterling Silver. Inspired and Created in Sacred Space with the clear purpose to provide the energy of Nobility and Transformation to the wearer. The Pearls are for your Integrity and Purity. They will help you have the courage to speak your Truth from your Heart. The Rainbow Moonstone in the center is going to help you break your bad habits and release your unwanted old patterns. The Clear Quartz  featured in the design is for Clarity and Magnification. The Rubies provide Nobility and Wealth helping you have more self respect and recognizing your potential. The handmade Sterling Silver Wings are for your freedom as you are reminded to embrace your feminine grace throughout your daily life. The Dragonflies are like a Sword of Truth, slicing through illusion. They will help you to see through illusions. The Sterling Silver handmade Swirls that curl in each direction, represent the Balance between Masculine and Feminine energy. This amazing Shankari Bangle will be magnetic and encourage new relationships. 

Gem Stone Energy Descriptions:
Pearl: Integrity, Purity,
Clear Quartz: Clarity, Magnification,
Rainbow Moonstone: Release from old patterns,
Ruby: Nobility, Wealth,
Dragonfly: Seeing Through Illusion,
Wings: Freedom,
Sterling Silver Gemstone

Limited Edition and Completely Hand-made. Design by Shankari.