Joyful Good Fortune

Joyful Good Fortune
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The Joyful Good Fortune pendant is a powerful design by Shankari the Alchemist, inspired and created in Sacred Space. This design features an amazing Jade carving of a Bat and a Chinese Coin enhanced with a Tigers Eye donut set with a Brandy Topaz and decorated with handmade Sterling Silver Lotus Petals. There is also a secret handmade Sterling Silver Dragonfly hidden on the back of the pendant. The Jade will support you through your times of transformation. The Bat is considered a lucky charm. In the Chinese language, the bat (fu蝠) has the same pronunciation as the word for "good fortune" or happiness (fu福). The Chinese coin is a potent symbol of wealth and prosperity. The Tigers Eye will bring you Stability. It will help you Focus on your goals and set intentions with Clarity. The Brandy Topaz gemstone is for Grounding and Focus. It will help you with your ability to Focus and Concentrate in present time. Brandy Topaz helps you Ground your energy and become more centered. The Dragonfly is going to help you with Seeing through illusions. It is like a Sword of Truth slicing through the illusions of your beliefs in limitation. This two stone design supports Mental, Spiritual and Emotional Balance. Balance your energy with this powerful Shankari pendant.

Gem Stone Energy Descriptions:
Agate: Grounding & Inspiration,
Brandy Topaz: Harmony & Manifestation,
Dragonfly: Seeing though illusions,
Tiger eye: Stability, Clarity,
Sterling Silver Gemstone Pendant.

Limited Edition and Completely Hand-made. Design by Shankari.